Best Edge Control Tutorial For Those Baby Hairs


Ever wonder how beautiful young ladies get those sleek and creative edges done to their hair? You too can learn how to do so in this video tutorial done by Mariah Millian.

Reasons for Edges

Edges have always looked great, but more recently then ever, ladies are trying to achieve the look on a regular. Natural edges can be seen on babies between ages of 1 and 5. As a young girl gets older, obtaining those edges naturally may be hard to come by. With products like Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer, laying down those baby hairs has gotten a whole lot easier.

Another benefit for having edges is to receive a natural look when wearing either a wig or a lace-front. Some ladies flaunt the wig look without a care in the world. Others who want a more natural appearance will create and stylize their edges. By using the right gel and brush, you too can make the look possible.


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