Tutorial below is by Youtuber ULoveMegz who breaks down the process of using an oil mixture that can be used when massaging it right into the scalp. The oil mixture will help you to maintain and grow back edges and also conditions the hair & scalp for hair growth.

Products that are listed in the video are:

An Applicator Bottle (buy on Amazon)
– This will hold your oil mixture together. Easy to squirt the mixture in parts or sections of your scalp.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (buy on Amazon)
– Not only does this thin out the castor oil, it packs into the mixture all the essential nutrients and Omegas for your scalp and hair.

Castor or Black Castor Oil (buy from Kreyol Essence)
– The main ingredient in the mixture which will grow and thicken your hair.

Peppermint Oil (buy on Amazon)
– This oil stimulates the scalp and get’s the blood flow going. Also provides a great and pleasant smell to the overall mixture.


  1. Used a similar castor oil combination on my scalp and been getting wonderful results. It’s essential that you stay consistent with the treatment of your hair.


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