When it comes growing thick, long, and healthy hair, nothing compares when using two ingredients that is natural and comes directly from nature. The two ingredients is none other than castor oil and coconut oil. Both essential oils are packed with many beneficial nutrients that promote hair growth and stops problematic areas such as balding.

When castor oil and coconut oil is combined together to form a mask, you are applying a paste that is loaded with omega 6’s, 9’s, amino acids, and anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties. This in return will not only increase blood flow and circulation, but also clean your scalp and allow for nutrients from the oils to absorb and nourish the roots and hair follicles.

In the video below, you have Marianna Hewitt showing you how to make your very own mask at home which will help you to gain the hair growth you have been looking for. By following her guide, you see that using coconut oil and castor oil overnight will help you to get soft and longer hair.


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