Kalonji oil also known as the Black seed (cumin) oil is a very powerful oil with tremendously positive healing properties. When used as a part of your daily health regimen, it can stop or prevent hair loss and actually promote new hair growth on your scalp.

Nigella sativa (Kalonji) is a highly concentrated oil that is made up of small black seeds that are commonly called black cumin. Don’t confuse black cumin with black castor as they are both different. The only similarities of the two is that they both come from seeds and have amazing medicinal benefits.

Preventing Hair Loss with Black Seed Oil

Bald spots for both men and women can be caused by excessive brushing or combing which can pull and damage the hair. Even though brushing can increase blood flow to your roots, excessive brushing and with too much friction can cause the opposite effect.

People with hair thinning issues may also have a scalp infection. If there is any fungus or bacteria on the scalp, this can actually cause hair loss to go into affect. When black seed oil is massaged onto the scalp, any infection, including dandruff we will be eliminated. The oil has anti-fungal/viral/microbial effects to counteract any kind of infection.

Black seed oil when applied once in the morning and once before going to bed can help you to achieve the proper hair growth you have been looking for. The video below goes into more detail as to how this is possible.

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