Jamaican black castor oil has many beneficial properties for the human body. Castor oil itself has been used for generations by many different cultures because of its healing and medicinal properties. Below we will list all of the benefits of Jamaican black castor oil and ways that you can use it in your everyday life.

Benefits of Black Jamaican Castor Oil

  • Can be used to fight and prevent acne
  • Can help you to eliminate stretch marks
  • Can be used on skin conditions like eczema
  • Can reduce and eliminate the appearance of acne scarring
  • When applied it can thicken eyebrows
  • Can be used to grow and add thickness to eyelashes
  • Can eliminate dandruff, itching, and clear-up scalp infections
  • Can help you to grow thick and fuller hair
  • Can slow or eliminate thinning hair problems
  • Can help you to grow back your edges

Above is the top 10 uses of Jamaican black castor oil. Their are more amazing things that this oil can and remember when using that the results differ from person to person. You can find a variety of black castor oil products to purchase online or at your local beauty supply store.


  1. Jamaican castor oil has provided healing for me and my family for years. Something that I will always use and recommend to others.


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