Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil (Citron), 8 Oz Review

Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil

Amazing Castor Oil With Multiple Uses

This Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil is the real deal just like your mom used! A staple in many households, it’s thick enough that it stays in place where you put it and the lemon scent is intoxicating. Essential oils are the power behind the sweet aroma of this castor oil. It’s perfect for healing dry scalp and cracked skin without a drying and itching effect after use. Apply either directly to skin or soak in a luxuriously lemon scented bath. Either way will allow your skin to absorb this oil and you will notice an amazing difference after use. When rubbed into dry skin it moisturizes and rejuvenates tired cells, and will even keep wrinkles at bay. Although super rich, this Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil doesn’t leave an oily feeling on skin after it soaks in. It keeps skin soft and supple without that annoying film other oils can leave behind.

Using this Haitian Black Castor Oil in the hair as a deep conditioner will help stop breakage and heal ends as well as thicken hair and encourage healthy growth. Castor oil has long been called a “miracle oil” for how quickly it heals damaged hair.  After chemical treatments, hair can be very dry and brittle. Retain more moisture in your hair with Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil. It will heal your hair while smelling amazing! When applying, rub the oil in with your fingertips to promote blood flow to the scalp and to encourage and speed up healing. Although perfect by itself, many like to mix with Shea butter when applying to keep hair healthy and soft. If hair is very damaged, apply as a hot oil treatment at night and sleep in a scarf. This will keep the oil in direct contact with hair and scalp and encourage faster healing. The lemon scent ensures that you hair will smell amazing after soaking in this rich oil all night!

Extracted in a traditional method, Haitian Black Castor Oil not only promotes healthy hair growth but can also be used to soothe aching muscles. Body aches will be a thing of the past when Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil is applied. Perfect for use during a massage, simply rub the castor oil onto sore areas on your body. It will relax away muscle pains and smell amazing at the same time. Sore joints will be gone an in instant when this castor oil is applied to the painful area. Most skin blemishes can be helped with this castor oil, including acne, stretch marks, rashes, and bug bites. The thick oil will stay put where you want it to heal and moisturize your skin. Used as a cure-all by many for years, this is a wonderful and versatile oil to have in your home. It has many uses and can help heal your body in multiple ways.

Lemon Haitian Black Castor Oil Bottle


The refreshing lemon scent will uplift your mood while healing your body and nourishing your skin and hair! By promoting healthy circulation, this lemon scent, as well as smelling incredible, will help you be healthier. Rub it on, soak it in, or use it to heal aching muscles!


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