If you happen to suffer from thinning eyebrows and don’t want to be the person who is constantly filling them in with liner and makeup, then we have a alternative solution for you. Their are different types of oils you can use for your eyebrows and even eyelashes. One of the popular oils that has proven results is castor oil. In this case, the castor oil you should consider is black castor oil which has more essential nutrients for your hair follicles.

By simply applying black castor oil completely over each eyebrow every morning for 3-4 weeks, you will start to notice improvements to the thickness and color of your hair. Using a cosmetic brush dipped in some oil for your eyebrows is all need to do. Other essential oils you can use are coconut oil and blackseed oil. Black castor is much more effective.

The video below shows how to apply castor oil on each of your eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have an alternative method on how to apply or know of better solutions to achieve brow growth, feel free to sound off below.



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