Acne problems may consist of pimples, black heads, and scarring on either the body or face and is considered a horrible skin condition, especially for those who suffer from breakouts. If you have bad acne whether your in your teens or older, we have a solution for you.

Their are many methods to treating your skin naturally, but the one method we will briefly talk about is using castor oil. Castor oil has many powerful benefits including skin healing properties that can completely repair damaged skin.

Directions for Castor Oil use

Using castor oil whether it’s white (clear) or black castor, they are both very effective in treating problematic skin. To begin you will want to wash your face with a moisturizing soap. This will help remove any dirt, excess oils, and prepare your pores for the castor oil treatment. Take a wash cloth and completely dry your face. Now simply take 1 tablespoon of the oil and take either a cotton ball or pad and dab it into the oil. You want to make sure the cotton ball/pad is soaked in it but not dripping. Take the cotton and massage it gently over the entire effected area. You will want to do this twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed), every day until your acne problem disappears.

For regular skin maintenance and preventing of acne outbreaks, after washing your face with moisturizing soap, then completely drying your face, directly from the bottle, pour some castor oil into the palm of your hand and massage it in both hands. From your hands/finger tips, simply rub the oil directly into your skin and completely massage your entire face with the oil.

Having castor oil on your face will act as a barrier, slowing down the build of dirt and preventing the formation of acne. Their are many benefits of using castor oil and we will continue to list the many the many important uses on this website as well as provide useful resource links to products and tutorials. Hope this was helpful.


  1. Castor oil mixed with other essential oils work great for very bad acne, especially scaring. For those with teenagers, definitely start them on a regimen early to prevent bad breakouts from occurring.


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