If you have heard all the wonderful news about black castor oil and all of its powerful benefits, you may be looking for locations that sell this magnificent product. Black castor oil is all natural and comes from castor beans and promotes healing to skin, repairs damaged hair, and promotes hair growth.


You can find black castor oil products at health and beauty stores in your local area. Beauty stores that sell hair products such as extensions, brushes, and skin products have this as well as other natural hair products to choose from. You can also try CVS and Walmart which also have an extensive hair and beauty section.

Amazon is a mega online store which sales a variety of black castor oil products, typically the Jamaican variety. Be sure to choose products that are shipped directly from Amazon. If the product is not shipped and sold by Amazon, make sure the seller reputation is very good. A plus about Amazon is that you can read reviews from verified customers before making your final decision.

Another excellent online store is called Kreyol Essence. They have a variety of black castor oil products to choose from. You can pick from a selection of different scents such as lavender, chocolate, lemon, orange, peppermint, and of course the original. Kreyol Essence has a reputation for its high-quality products and happy customers who have used them to receive maximum results. Other products such as Shea butter which is great for hair and skin are also sold there.


Black castor oil not only heals skin from acne, blackheads, rashes, and scars, but also is used to regrow, replenish, and rejuvenate thirsty hair. Stopping hair-loss and promoting hair growth is what people desire and with this miracle oil, all is possible. To learn more about this oil, view the video below.



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